Our Process

Step 1: Programming

Usage areas and circulation patterns are developed by listening to the client’s desires and objectives. We graphically represent a design on a topographic plan that creatively integrates their requests with the site amenities and constraints.

Step 2: Concepts

Multiple design solutions are explored by utilizing programming diagrams. Preliminary size requirements for buildings and other program elements are developed to produce a more realistic concept.

Step 3: Design Development

This phase bridges the concepts with the development of drawings that begin to define the components of the landscape design – what the materials are and how they are to be constructed.

Step 4: Construction Documents

A concise set of landscape plans is prepared to a level of detail suitable for landscape construction bidding and implementation.

Step 5: Construction Administration

We can assist with bid review and landscape contractor selection. Construction observation involvement ensures that the landscape plans are interpreted correctly to produce the best results for the client.